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Yes, you can buy a Brand New Lifted Truck or Jeep like the ones in the photos above.  You will receive the full warranty, and manufacturer rebates/incentives!  You may be asking yourself, how is that?
If you're new to the Lifted Truck & Jeep market, you've come to the right place!  GoLifted was created to educate the consumer about the New Lifted Truck & Jeep market.  Who are the companies that do these conversions, and what products do they offer?  We provide you with the answers so that you can be completely informed of your options and choices in purchasing a new truck.  You no longer have to settle for just a new stock truck or Jeep! 

Let's talk first about some terminology that relates to the New Lifted Truck market.

Authorized Upfitter- Is a company that performs cosmetic and/or mechanical alterations to a stock vehicle, and has been approved by an OEM (GM, Ford, Chrysler, etc).

Bailment - When an OEM ships product directly to an authorized upfitter to have stock on hand for dealer orders.

Aftermarket Shop - A business that offers secondary vehicle parts & accessories and provides installation service of the parts.

You may wonder why you should care about bailments?  If you're considering purchasing a new custom Lifted Truck, and the dealer does not currently have the exact model configuration you want a dealer may have to send the vehicle to the upfitter to have the upfit performed.  Of the big three (Lifted Ford, Lifted GM, and Lifted RAM), GM provides the most liberal bailments.  The last time we checked, RAM and Ford aren't offering new bailment programs.  The average time for a truck to be sent and returned upfitted is approximately 10 days.

Most new truck upfitters are a family operated business that has been established with OEM's as Conversion Van market upfitters.  What separates new truck upfitters from an aftermarket shop in your local area is that their businesses have been reviewed by OEM's.  An OEM will not sign off on just anyone making significant alterations to a new vehicle.  The reason a New Lifted Truck purchased with an upfitters package doesn't void the OEM warranty, is because the upfitter themselves pick up the warranty coverage that would normally be voided.

Not all new dealers stock, or sell New Lifted Trucks!

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